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5 Affiliate Marketing Trends in 2019

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1. Focus on producing engaging video and image content.

The best affiliate marketing training courses would tell you about the importance of producing compelling visual content. Affiliate marketing is not anymore about written words. More and more marketers are getting more creative about their messaging. They are now using slideshows, videos, images and even live content in promoting links.

2. Optimize your content through voice search.

Voice search is officially on the rise. Special thanks to the emergence of Siri, Alexa and Google Home. This only means that you need to optimize your content based on voice search. Optimizing depending on the standard SEO terms and rules is no longer enough. Optimizing for voice search means staying more relevant.

3. Diversify your portfolio.

More and more affiliate marketers are moving away from the Amazon models, and are diversifying all their efforts towards various websites and platforms.

4. Leverage on review websites and their strong reviews.

Reviews are still important aspects of effective affiliate marketing strategies. Each time a person searches for testimonials and reviews, he or she is just inches away from finalizing a purchase. All they need is a bit of push.

5. Ecommerce retailers are showing more interest in the field of affiliate marketing. Which means that if you’re looking on how to earn extra income online in Malaysia, affiliate marketing is the right way.

Many eCommerce merchants are now showing interest in selling affiliate products. They see is a part of their lead generation efforts. Some people are even launching affiliate programs through reputable networks such as Shareasale and Linkshare.

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