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9 Ways to Last Longer in Bed

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Premature ejaculation is one of the most embarrassing situations a man can get into. This may result in their partners feeling unloved or unwanted, simply because they are unable to last long enough to give them the pleasure they need.

But, do not worry! Although premature ejaculation is quite common (affects 33% of the male population all over the world), there are things that you can do to somehow combat its ill effects.

Read on to find out some nifty ways to help you last longer in bed.

1.Don’t Go Gung-ho

Thrusting your penis into her vagina is a sure one-way ticket to blasting your rocket inside of her. So, the best thing that you can do is slow things down and vary your approach.

For example, you can massage the tip of your penis on the hood of her vagina as it helps stimulate her. You can also press a little bit further to help your penis reach her G-Spot. There are certain things that you can do to please her, so do those.

2.Try Different Positions

What do you usually do when you are in unfamiliar territory? You take your time to survey the surroundings, right? Well, the same principle is applied when you try different sex positions. The unfamiliarity of it will put your mind off of the sensation, helping you to last much longer.


One reason why you finish off too early is probably that you lack self-control. For you to practice and hone this, you can try stopping whenever you feel that the climax is imminent and go proceed with the thrusting when the feeling subsides.

4.Help Her Find Her Bliss

Sometimes, PE is caused by pressure men put upon themselves during sex. Instead of focusing on yourself, focus on what makes your partner happy during intercourse. Perhaps, introducing sex toys and vibrators can help you.

5.Condom as Desensitizers

If you want a handy, ‘slip-on’ desensitizer, then wear a condom (if you haven’t already). There are certain condoms that will help dampen the sensation that you normally feel when having sex, which will buy you some much-needed time.

6.Take the Pill

There have been experiments on pills that can directly help men with premature ejaculation. The problem? They haven’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration yet.

If you absolutely need to take medications, use antidepressants such as Paroxetine or Paxil as they have this ‘intended’ side effect of helping you delay your ejaculation.

7.Use of Technology

Since we are using smartphones nowadays, there is an app that helps guide you through the process of delaying your ejaculation. Called the “premature ejaculation app or pea”, it provides you with easy to follow guides.

8.Go to a Urologist

This is a specialist that helps people with cases such as this. As previously mentioned, PE is quite a common condition, so you do not have to feel ashamed if you experience it.

9.Use Anesthetic Wipes

There are wipes that contain the active ingredient, benzocaine, which acts as a mild anesthetic. It helps numb the sensation that you will feel on your pecker, but keep in mind that there is a possibility that such an ingredient be passed on to your partner.

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