Baby Care : The Safest room temperature for infants

Taking care of your baby is no easy task. In order to ensure your kid’s safety and good health, you need to research on a lot of things. Aside from researching on good baby milk bottle brands in Malaysia, take note of all the baby essentials that must be included in the nursery room. 

One of the most important aspects you must learn about is the best room temperature for an infant’s room. It is crucial to ensure that your kid’s room has a comfortable temperature. It must not be too cold or too hot. 

Keep in mind that chances of SIDS is a lot higher if the environment is too hot. Thus, always keep the temperature between 15 to 20 °C.

Always use a room thermometer.

Don’t just judge room temperature without any device. Always use a reliable room thermometer in the nursery. 

How to check if your infant child is too cold or hot?

You need to check the body temperature of your little one most of your little one, to see if she is too hot. Each baby is different, and every advice online about room temperature is just a guide. Feel the back part of your baby’s neck, or her tummy. If her skin is sweaty or hot, remove layers of bedding or bed clothes. 

How to I check if your baby is too hot?

The most effective way to check your child’s temperature is to put your hand on her tummy or skin, or at the back part of their neck. Never use her feet or hands as guides, since these parts would always feel a lot cooler, compared to other parts of the body. 

What should you do if you are worried about the baby overheating during weather?

It can be hard to keep the nursery between the ideal 16⁰C to 20⁰C during warmer months. During this time, overheating can pose risks. If the room the baby sleeps in is hard to cool, just put lighter bedding, and open the window and baby bedroom door. 

If your home is under the ideal temperature during winter months, should you keep the heating on all evening?

It is not really necessary to keep heating on the entire evening, and adding more layers would help. 

Remember not to let your baby wear a hat indoors. Their head is crucial for maintaining her own body temperature.