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Cool Bike Storage Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

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  • Keep everything simple.

There are lots of freestanding bike stands available in the market. Some of these stands can house many bikes, though they would also come with a much bulkier base in order to hold the load. It is highly recommended to utilize tension-based racks that stimulate the tension between the ceiling and the floor to function as a standalone unit. 

  • Be crafty in using a wall-mounted bike rack.

A wall-mounted bike rack is a good choice because they keep the cargo off the floor. Just screw the base to the wall, then lift the flap. Attach it at the front wheel. Afterwards, you’re done. Are you having a hard time picking a rack that would fit in your home? There are many interior design firms that can help you with this matter.  

  • Pulley and Winch Storage System

Bike storage solutions can actually complement your home’s interiors. Do you have a sparse floorspace? Think vertical. This pulley and winch system is possible to get attached to the wall or ceiling. Your bike would hang above your head, not on the ground.  

  • Wall-Mounted Storage Hooks

Many people prefer wall-mounted hooks because they require very little effort to install. The bike storage hooks are attached to the front wheel, leaving the wheel behind to rest against a wall. Make sure to use only heavy-duty hooks. 

  • Gravity Racks

These are handy small devices that lean against walls–no screws and nails needed. Some gravity racks have adjustable arms that can accommodate almost every bike frame. Try using soft rubber arms. These won’t scratch and damage your bikes. 

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