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Web Design Company Malaysia: Kicking It Off

web design company malaysia

Few years back in Malaysia, web design company Malaysia is not a thing. So if you tell someone you’re going to make one, let just say you won’t get much support. But nowadays, web design is the goldmine—the place to make your name and fortune.

The reason why we are seeing web design companies sprouting here and there but not all of them meet with success, some falter midway due to lack of knowledge or simply drown in the giant success waves by the more established companies.

So, to compete with these giants and titans web design company in Malaysia you need to know what you should prioritize and of course, the workings of this industry. Alright, you maybe a web designer yourself or a digital marketer but starting your own web design company in Malaysia is a whole different story.

Though there is no definite guideline to follow in managing your web design company business but there still a few pointers that can spare you from mountains of frustrations. Of course, even if you follow through these pointers you will see and go through trials and errors before you’ll be able to do it properly.

So, don’t be afraid to try and change the game a bit with these tricks i will share with you. It might serve you and your company well in the coming days.

First, You Must Know What You Want

web design company malaysia

Ask yourself when you’re about to establish a web design company; “What do i hope to achieve with this company?” By having setting a long term target and a clear target for your web design company, you will then know where and what to start, and you won’t lose motivation as long as you know what you want to achieve.

However, your target and motivation might get swallowed by your day to day tasks, or your effort to land more jobs. And by the end of the day you will feel miserable and awfully lethargic due: 1) your too much time at work, you neglected spending time with friends and family, the people you can talk, share and get opinions of, whether it is an idea or just venting out frustrations. 2) the sight of never ending work. You’ll start to lose your motivation and lose sight of why you established the web design company, which will affects your work and the direction your company will take.

That is why it is important for you take time and evaluate the current state of affairs, remind yourself of why you start your own company in the first place. Also, spending time with your friends and family will help remind you of your company’s goal and the reason why you started a company of your own.

Be In The Loop About Your Company Finances

If you are to head and manage a web design company, then you know the financial state state and flow of your company. You will be required to have a clear understanding of your company financial state, hiring an account to manage won’t suffice. You at least should know what the monthly costing, your cash flow and the minimum charge out rate.

Then, know your financial terms, so that you know how things are standing financially. So make yourself comfortable with terms such as operating profit, also remember to have money set aside for the tax-man and know your way around profit and loss report. Oh, and be always a buffer cash tucked in somewhere, if things go bad.

Invest In People/Staff

web design company malaysia

In every organizations and companies the most valuable assets is the people in it. So you should invest your time and effort in them, and yourself.

Provide full support for your employees by providing them with proper trainings and facilities to further enhance their skills, give them the chance and space to learn and grow.

Be mindful and pay attention to your staff’s health, both mental and physical. Don’t push your staffs too hard with the reason of creating a strong foundation for your newly established web design company because pushing your staffs too hard will exhaust them physically and mentally. Be moderate and keep them motivated by reminding them the rewards they will get by being productive.

Yes, you may say that to build a strong foundation or base for a new startup web design company, you have to work hard. But that kind of thinking over a long term is not good as it’ll become the new norm of thinking and work culture. Which is not a good one because you’ll be spending more time at work, less time with family and friends and this will gradually increase stress level. When it reaches to the point where you or your staffs feel really exhausted, well, that is where things will start to awry.

Also, be fair and just. For example, it wouldn’t be fair and look good if you came in to office late but you leave early, and all the while your staffs toil away into late evenings. So the thing is, if you want to come in late and leave early, allow the same for you staffs. But of course not without conditions, and this applies to you as well, head of the company.

For example, if whether you or your staff came in late and wants to leave early, then either complete all the daily tasks or put in an extra hour or two. In other words, flexible working hours culture.

But if flexible working hours is not your thing, that you rather the 9-6 working hours then you yourself must be tied to that rule, so don’t use the entitled, privileged and exclusivity excuse to justify the reason why you can leave early and why your staffs, it will lead to discontent.
And people will leave your web design company when they find a better web design company in Malaysia. You don’t want this to happen because it’ll time and cost consuming to find another talent to replace the one that had left. So instead you will want to build a work culture where people stay and grow together with your company, continuously refining knowledge, skills and techniques.

Good Marketing Is The Cornerstone For Every Successful Web Design Company

web design company malaysia

Another mistake most business owners do is underestimating the set of skills required to run a business or company. Just knowing how to build a quality website and think it’s enough to be successful.

Yeah, you may have the skills or resources to build a great website but that doesn’t mean you have what it takes to market. So either you learn how to market your web design company or hire a good marketer to help you with it. But still it is much better if you invest time and effort into learning how to market since you are the company lead, so wouldn’t it much better if you know the ins and outs of marketing yourself?

Oh, and by marketing, i’m not referring to the traditional pay per click and cold calling marketing techniques. There are other methods that are more effective and less boring such as attending networking events to promote and let public knows your web design company existence within the industry, or you can run a blog site that talks about a lot of different things.

But if you are looking for a fix formula marketing; well there is none. It varies from business to business, owner to owner. It can be in a form of public promotion, Internet marketing, brand exposure on social media or direct marketing to the targeted demographic. So try to find the ones that are suit to your web design company and to your liking.

And marketing is something that is must done regularly and constantly, not only when things go south for your web design company. Try to fix a schedule when and where to your marketing, this way you will always have a lead for your business.

Repeat Business; Nurture It
A sign of you doing good business is repeating your business with the same clients. If you provide them with exceptional service, not only in terms of website building service but customer service as well. When not only provide a website building service but customer service, your clients will likely to repeat business with you again later in the future.

Why you need to provide good customer service in order for clients to repeat business with you? It is because they not only purchase a website but also your service. And by service this means it encompasses the whole experience of website building process and communications.

So you need to pull your act up, get better at communicating and other soft skills that will help you interact with clients. Change your mindset and attitude from seeing clients as pricks to as the ones who will help boost your business and give you the chance to make a big break in the industry.

It Is Time To Specialize

Okay, so you hear this web design company down the street offers a very cheap web design service, so to compete you offer slightly price. This will go in circle and in the end you will find you’ll have less and less budget, forcing you to cut corners and sacrifice quality service. Causing you unable to provide the best experience for your client because of tight budget.

To make matters worse, there’s the freelance web designers working from their home with competitive price to yours, because of this you cut down on your service price even more in order to compete.

This is actually a big mistake, by cutting your price down, you will be sacrificing your service quality. What you need to do instead is stick to your price and create awareness to your clients and future clients that they won’t get the same service quality you have with others, especially freelancers.

So how to do this? Specialization, specialize in a few website types or specialize in deliverables. By specializing in a few website types of the web design industry, you will know each quirks and jargon of these websites, and clients love web designers that know their way around website building.

Or you can specialize in deliverables, you might to narrow it down to mobile e-commerce solutions or intranets. By knowing the specifics of these two, you’ll able to compete with others. This however does not mean you should neglect your other work, you should still pour time and effort into other tasks, but by making yourself an expert in one or more areas of web design, there will be more options available to you. This will come in handy if the market decided to go south.

Do Not Test A Technique Unknown To You On The Battlefield
Another mistake most of web design company Malaysia often do is trying a new framework, or technique that is unknown to them. This is inefficient because it’s you going to war using new and untested strategy. So you should resist the urge try out ‘new’ and ‘trending’ techniques on your ongoing project.

If you do want to use new approach, framework or whatever, test it in your free time so that you don’t waste resources.

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