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Important Characteristics of Effective Website Design

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Do you want to improve your brand awareness, and sell your offerings more effectively? Then, make sure to incorporate an effective design to your website. The very last thing you want is for an outdated, poorly designed website to discourage your visitors from becoming loyal, repeat customers. Below are 5 useful tips you should remember.



  • Accessibility for all.


At this day and age, more and more people are accessing websites through their smartphones and gadgets. Make sure that your web pages are mobile friendly. If you want, you can make a mobile version of your website, or use a responsive layout that can automatically adjust to different screen sizes. All the best website developers have made accessibility their number one priority when developing websites.


  • Don’t forget about the significance of user experience.

Design is not just about visual appearance, it’s also about functionality. Thus, a website means absolutely nothing if it fails to provide an efficient user experience. When designing your pages, keep user behavior in mind, and deliver their needs.



  • Every image is worth a thousand words.


Images can convey plenty of information even quicker than huge blocks of text. Place your website images strategically in order to guide users to the right direction. Use them to your advantage.



  • Less is more.


When it comes to web design, the simpler the layout, the better. Having too much elements and options can overwhelm people. Remove all the useless details. Users should be able to navigate around smoothly, and with less distraction.



  • Consistency is key.


Trust is established with creativity and consistency. By maintaining a creative design, and consistent elements, you can build a good relationship with your customers. For your website to be effective, it should have a single consistent motif. All your pages need to match.

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