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Is Your Small Business Ready for An Affiliate Marketing Program?

Affiliate Marketing or Performance Marketing is a very financially savvy sales strategy for SMB’s. Fundamentally it’s offering a bonus to a partner called an “affiliate” when they generate a conversion, like a lead or a sale.

However, not all items or services are suitable, so let’s discover which ones work and how to create a successful affiliate marketing guide effort.

What works best on a CPA?

  • Digital items like eBooks
  • Downloadable mobile applications
  • Leads for a value-oriented service
  • Subscription models like a month to month beauty/makeup (Ex. Birch Box) or nourishment boxes (Ex. Healthy Surprise)
  • If you have a multiple product offering through an e-tail store

Getting these types of offers to work are more challenging:

  • If you just offer a single item
  • If you serve one city or region
  • Extremely niche items
  • Low edges
  • Very low conversion rate (<2%)

What gathering does your item or service fall under? In the event that you have an offer that is more challenging, don’t rule out affiliate marketing entirely.

You can generally revisit it in a few months as you scale your business or set up a simpler referral program (discussed below).

The most effective method to incorporate affiliate marketing into your Small Business…

Setting up your program:

First, you have to determine whether to do it without anyone’s help and keep your program in-house or outsource to an affiliate network. I won’t go into detail about the advantages and disadvantages as every business has its own needs, objectives, and budgets; however, here’s a decent infographic to compare the two.

Unless you are already an online marketer with experience and strong connections to recruit affiliates, I personally recommend redistributing because dealing with an affiliate program is very time expending, never mind agonizing over extortion and pernicious advertising practices. Leave it to the specialists so you can concentrate on the other million things you have on your plate.

Not all Affiliate Networks are created equal, so search around! Bigger doesn’t likewise mean better. I often discover boutique agencies to have more efficient customer service and more dedicated record managers.

Unless your offer is unique and compelling, it tends to be a challenge to generating critical volume. It’s easy to get forgotten with hundreds of other projects competing for attention on the large networks like CJ and Linkshare.

Referral Programs:

Existing customers make the greatest envoys because they already know your image and have constructed a relationship with you. Encourage them to email the offer to their friends (a great time to do this is during the checkout process), post a banner or connection on their blog, or share via web-based networking media.

Show your appreciation by offering a reward or markdown off their next purchase if a successful referral is made.

Money is, above all else, however, on the off chance that you are bootstrapped, have a go at offering incentives like credits. For example, in the event that you have a membership business like an organic grocery box, you can make a referral and get $10 off your next purchase or exchange for an item, for example, get the next month’s crate-free.

Bloggers have a network of steadfast followers. On the off chance that you offer something of value, numerous bloggers will be glad to do a review for a little payout or for the item.

Remember to offer your affiliates the apparatuses to help them promote like templated emails and banners in different sizes. Give time-limited coupon codes to help them promote.

What to Payout?

It can change fiercely, depending on the program. Most affiliates will be taking a gander at the payout, alongside the conversion rate, and contrasting you with competitors. Higher volume items tend to order lower rates. What’s the most significant factor for PPC (pay per click) affiliates is EPC (earnings per click).

With this metric, you can measure the efficiency of an advertiser’s program and the potential revenue an advertiser may generate for you, on a level playing field.

Your payouts will likewise have to remain competitive in the event that you need to pull in quality affiliates, so check out what your competition is doing and what their bonus rates are.

Remember to Track!

A decent reporting apparatus is necessary to screen your affiliates’ activities and results. On the off chance that you chose to outsource your program, then the network will give you access to their following stage.

On the off chance that you decide to manage your program in-house, I suggest utilizing HasOffers (you can give them a shot for free for 30 days).

Forrester Research projects that U.S. spending on affiliate marketing will reach $4.1 billion every 2014, up from $1.6 billion out of 2007, so despite what the naysayers state, affiliate marketing is developing and will eventually outpace advanced marketing spend! Here are five things you don’t have the foggiest idea (however will now) about the business.

Use Competitive Intelligence.

Take advantage of our presentation and mobile instruments to help you gain the edge in any competitive niche, discover new traffic sources, get ideas for banner/text creative, and considerably more!

On the off chance that you don’t make money immediately, don’t assume that affiliate marketing doesn’t work for your business. Numerous projects take a while to show any results, so you have to be patient and persistent.

The operative word for a decent affiliate network is “manageability.” You will need to draw in great quality affiliates who can help you develop your business and your image.

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